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Travel from Nocelle to Rome


We are staying at a B&B in Nocelle. What will be the best way to get to Rome? I know we will need to take a train. How long should trip take to get to a train station to book tickets for?

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Bus from Novelle to Sorrento
Circumvesuviana train from Sorrento to Naples
Fast train from Naples to Rome

No need to purchase bus or Circumvesuviana tix in advance ( you can’t)

You can book your fast train tix at Trenitalia

Allow plenty of time as the bus and Circumvesuviana will be poky slow and often run late

You might consider hiring a driver from Nocelle to Naples if your budget allows
I’d expect the whole trip to take close to 4-5 hours

Check bus not sure there is one in Nocelle, you’d have to get to Positano

Ask your lodgings what they recommend
Nocelle is a bit off the beaten track
How are you getting there and from where??

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The timing all kind of depends. Most direct on your own would be a bus down to Positano, ferry to Salerno. Salerno’s train station is a short walk from the dock and has direct fast trains to Rome. Hiring a car to get you to Salerno might be worth the time and peace of mind. Perhaps your B&B hosts would have advice on that front.

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I was sort of thinking bus to Positano>Ferry to Salerno>train to Rome (or car service to Salerno> train to Rome) route too.

A "fast" train to Rome from Salerno will take approx. 2 hours, give or take. A ferry from Positano will take 1 hr, 10 minutes. Not sure about bus time from Nocelle to the Positano stop nearest the pier; I see mentions from guests at some Nocelle properties of bus service to Positano, and that it takes 30 minutes or so but check with your B&B. Add in time to walk from the dock in Salerno to the train station + wait time for train, depending on coordination of ferry arrival and train departure.

One caveat: ferry service from Positano can be suspended if weather/sea action makes it unsafe for the boats. As well, as you haven't told us when your trip will be, ferries don't operate from Positano from around Nov. 1 until April.

Like Christine, I am wondering how you're getting to Nocelle in the first place, and what else, if anything, you're planning to do during your stay?