Travel from Naples to sicily

What is the most direct way of traveling from Naples to Sicily? We will need a car when traveling around Sicily so we are not sure if it's easier to drive, fly, take a ferry? Just wondering what is the preferred method of travel to Sicily.
Thanks Sherry

Posted by Zoe
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Sherry, I have never rented a car in Italy but I have seen posts here about higher fees for renting on the mainland and then taking the car to Sicily. Check with rental companies and compare those costs (plus ferrying the car back and forth) with just renting a car when you arrive in Sicily.

Posted by Sherry
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Yeah. We were wondering if it would just be easier to rent a car once we get to sicily. I will check that out, then see how we get ourselves to Sicily.....train maybe?

Posted by Rosalyn
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We researched that issue last year and concluded that the most sensible thing to do was to fly. The train ride, as I recall, was quite long and not all that inexpensive. We got tickets on Alitalia for a little over $100. Contrary to their reputation, all went smoothly. A word of caution about car rentals: we had a bad experience with Hertz at the Catania airport. I consider them to be a gang of smooth-talking scam artists. We rented through Autoeurope or Gemut - - can't remember which; and I'll never again accept a referral to Hertz from them.

Posted by Kat
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For the sake of your own sanity, do not have the car in either Naples or Palermo. A flight from Naples' Capodichino to Palermo or Catania will take you about 50 minutes. Pick up a car once you head out of the city, and you will save yourself a million headaches.

Posted by Roberto
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Fly from Naples to Palermo (Volotea or Alitalia). Visit Palermo and Monreale (no more than 2 days). After visiting Palermo, rent a car and head out. These are the absolute must see of Sicily (besides Palermo). You'll need at least 10 days for just the top sights. West of Palermo: Segesta, Erice, Zingaro Reserve, Selinunte. Further South: Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples, Piazza Armerina, Caltagirone, Ragusa. Eastern Sicily: Taormina, Syracuse, Mt. Etna.
North Sicily: aeolian islands, Cefalu'.

Posted by Steve
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Ditto Roberto. Train ride is long and much of it is boring. An overnight ferry might be fun, but flying into Catania or Palermo, picking up a car at an airport and dropping it off at another, is very easy. You cn alos research flights using We used Autoeurope for our auto rentals.