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Travel from Florence Airport (Peretola)

What is the best way to travel from the Florence airport to the Florence train station? Tram, bus, taxi, etc.?

Thank you!

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The best is taxi (for example, you have luggage space). The cheapest is tram.

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Since the airport isn't far out of town, taxis are not prohibitively expensive.

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I've taken the tram from the airport. Quick, easy, inexpensive and goes directly to the train station. You can buy a ticket from a machine where you meet the tram.

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Thank you everyone! This has been helpful. We are only travelling with 2 carry-ons each (we are two people) so the team may work. If we choose taking a taxi, are they easy to get? Are there several waiting outside the airport? Thank you.

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Definitely the tram.
So easy, so cheap, room for your luggage, and it stops right outside the SMN train station.

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There will be plenty of taxi cabs lined up at the taxi stand. When you exit the terminal turn right. The taxi stand is next to the old (one story) terminal.
The tramway works well if you just have carry on. However if your hotel is too far from the tramway stop at the station and you have to take a taxi anyhow, then you might as well take a taxi all the way from the start at the airport. The price will be about 25 euro, but they will drop you in front of the hotel.

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On August 6th we planned to take the tram to the Florence train station from the airport but due to a delay we took a taxi. For 4 adults and 4 luggage (carry ons) it was $30. That was a Saturday about 11 am.