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travel delays/restrictions

Llja remarked on her blog regarding todays travel restrictions that some countries are restricting border crossings but have not closed them as yet. What are these countries and are there any updates.?

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Based on the current information I've seen, there will be greatly enhanced security at all border crossings to France. I haven't heard any details on other countries, but I expect that most / all countries in Europe will be in a heightened state of vigilance. If you have proper documentation, you shouldn't have any problems, but expect longer than normal transit times across borders. This includes those travelling on the EuroStar, and TV reports have suggested arriving at least an hour prior to departure time.

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A friend of mine who lives in Italy has just informed me that the Alert system is at Alert level 2. She said that Alert level 1 is only used when they are at war so having been placed on Alert level 2 is very substantial. She said there are going to be extra security checks at airports, train stations and bus stations along with frequent random checks in cities. Everyone should be sure to carry their passports on them as they could be stopped at any time for any reason, or for no reason at all.

This is not meant to frighten anyone, it's meant as a precaution so people will be aware. Be prepared for longer lines at sites, airports and train stations. Going through security may take much longer than it has recently. Give yourself plenty of time to get to where you need to be.