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Travel by train from Rome FCO to Sorrento Early April

I need help finding train schedules from Rome to Sorrento in early April

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I use Google maps to get a first approximation. Put in destination (Sorrento), click on directions and enter FCO / Rome Airport as origin, select trains and then select expected time of arrival at FCO after customs, immigration and baggage. Google will spit out a number of options with schedules.
Typically you will transfer at Roma Termini having got there by train or bus, then transfer at Napoli Centrale. There are lots of scheduled trains in the middle of the day and on all 3 legs but they probably are 3 separate companies which may complicate your ticketing. has a lot of information.
You have to decide how much time you will allow for delays in your flight, customs & immigration, how much time you will allow to get to your transportation to Roma Termini, when you expect to be at Roma Termini and then decide what sort of ticket you will buy as some are very specific as to exact train, carriage and seats and if you miss it you may have to use the ticket machines to get a new ticket. When we were in Roma Termini in October, there was a very long line to get to speak to an agent but the machines worked well. Allow time to negotiate the station to get to your platform and work out where your carriage will stop if it is a through train.
Good luck.

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Both railway companies have uploaded the schedules of their high speed trains running up to March 2
At this point I think they are both going to wait for December 12 to upload the Rome-Naples trains running in April, May and June. Check again on December 2, but don't worry: nobody else can get tickets.

The train from Naples to Sorrento is like an overground metro.

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One reason you are having trouble is that you have three different products to use: A frequent airport shuttle (perhaps? operated by the airport authority in conjunction with Trenitalia), a choice between regular trains and Frecciarossa service on Trenitalia between Termini and Naples, and the very-local commuter train that has a few lines starting at Naples, and one of which ends at Sorrento. Other than, for example, hiring a car service in Naples, there is no way to avoid using three different products.

Are you going any farther than Sorrento that day? Are you flying home from Rome after sleeping in Sorrento? Where are you flying into FCO from?

You may find these two links helpful:
(note that this last site is not "official", so it may not be recently updated)

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All trains departing from FCO Station are owned, managed and run by trenitalia; so the new schedules are uploaded in blocks twice an year like all trenitalia trains.

The only way to avoid the transfer at Roma Termini station would be taking the direct FCO-Naples high speed train that departs from FCO station at 9:38 AM.

I am sure that you have no reason to be worried, both trenitalia and italotreno will finish to upload the new schedules by the December 12 deadline. Meanwhile nobody else can get tickets.

An easy check on the high speed trains running between Rome and Naples in the coming hours will show that none is sold out, so there is no reason to worry about trains months in advance.

The local train between Naples and Sorrento has no reserved seats and it can't sell out, it offers a metro-style service every 30 minutes or so on working days.