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Travel between Rome and Tuscany

I have 11 non travel days allocated to Rome and Tuscany. Initially thinking 7 nights in Tuscany and 4 days in Rome.
In Tuscany where I would like to stay is a Sat-Sat stay.
1-which order would you stay? It works best for me to stay first in Rome then go to Tuscany. Your advice?
2-How to get from Rome to Tuscany? Rent car in Rome and drive to Tuscany or Train to Siena and rent car there? OR?
3-Return trip from Tuscany to fly out of Rome-would you return back to Rome the afternoon of the day before you fly out and do you stay at a hotel by the airport instead of the city?
Or is it feasable to leave Tuscany and fly home the same day?
thank you for your help

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I was in Rome, Venice and parts of Tuscany for my honeymoon in 2003. We flew into Rome and had only one partial day before going to Loro Ciufenna, a small town in Tuscany for a week before then going onto Venice and back to Rome for a few days. I think we would have enjoyed Tuscany more if we had spent time in the big cities first. We were so excited to see the big tourist things that we didn't appreciate the downtime in Tuscany as mcuh as we might have if we did that at the end of our trip.

We took the trains and buses exclusively in Italy and we were able to get around fine, even to the smaller towns with no train stations. they have buses that connect these smaller towns in Tuscany. I think the busses are called SITA or something like that. It would be more convenient to rent a car but we were nervous about driving in Italy.

If flying out of Rome, you can take the Leonardo Express directly to the airport from Termini and it doesn't take that long. Unless your flight is really early, I would stay in the city and take advantage of as much time you have rather than staying by the airport.

Hope that helps.

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We are taking the same trip in September.
After much research & advice, we are flying into Rome ,and staying 3 nights. Then a train to Chiusi (near Multipuliciano & Pienza, where we are staying).
The Aesse Rental car Agency is right across the street from the train station. One week touring the Hilltowns, then turn the car back in at Chiusi, catch the train to Rome. stay one night and fly out the next day. We don't think staying at the airport is necessary unless you have a very early flight.
The Leonardo Express is a only 30 ride from Rome Termini, and starts running at 6:30 am.

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We just came back from a two month stay in Italy and we have to agree that you can get anywhere in Italy on trains and buses. We took a cab only once to get to Montalcino from Montalpulciano because we had to be in Montalcino by eleven o'clock in the morning. Don't know about flying out of Rome. We had a 6:55 AM flight out of Milan so we stayed at an airport motel.
So it all depends on when your plane leaves.
Jerry and Stelly

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Jerry, just curious. How much was the cab fare, and when was it? Thanks