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Our hotel is located on Via Tor de' Conti (close to Trajan's Market & Forum, I think). We are visiting the Vatican and St. Peter's on a Monday (only day we have). I will reserve online for the Vatican but wanted to know about how long it would take to get up, eat breakfast and find transportation (metro or bus) to the Vatican. I can make our appt. at 9:00 but what time would I have to leave the hotel, or should I make it later (since I am bypassing the line anyway)? Also any info on transportation to get there would be appreciated. Thanks so much! Sorry, one more thing...I was planning on the Vatican first, then St. Peter's, is that a good plan?

Posted by Amy
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It looks like you will be near a Metro station. You can hop the metro, switch lines, then get off at the stop near the Vatican. I would think 45 minutes would be more than enough time, but you hotel should be able to help you narrow down the time. Go to the Vatican Museums first (I assume that's what you are making reservations for.) and when you walk through the Sistine Chapel you can exit to the right which takes you to St. Peter's. Otherwise you would have to get back in line to see St. Peter's. If you aren't hiring a guide, I would recommend the Rick Steve's audio tour.

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You might just want to take a taxi to the Vatican museums. This should cost around 10 euros or less. This way you can leave about 20 minutes before your entry time and still get there with time left over. Just as an aside, you won't be able to use the bypass into the basilica from the museums unless you're on a tour. The guards have been checking tickets for anyone using the door and denying entry for those not with a tour ticket. I do agree that you should visit the museums first and leave the basilica for the afternoon. Donna

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We found Rome taxis very reasonable with one very important caveat! Make sure you're using a METERED taxi from an area where they gather and not one you're hailing from the sidewalk. We had one guy quote us 28 euros to Colosseum, we walked another block or so and found a metered taxi that got us there for under 6! I think Rick warns about this in the guidebook, too. For a family of 3, we took taxis for about the same price we could have taken metro. Hotel will call a taxi for you, or tell you where to find one easily.

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Be aware that if the hotel calls a taxi, the flag drops when he gets the call so the taxi could arrive with a couple of Euro or more on the meter. This is legal so don't be surprised.