What is the difference from Alliaguan Blue or ORange line-ticket or the Vaporetto passes- are they one in the same public transportation? Only there for two days and confused on what pass is best for transportation/museum (staying in Castello area). We are flying in and then by train from USA

Posted by Michael
Seattle, WA, USA
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Generally, you use Alilaguna to get to the airport. You use the vaporettos to move around within Venice and the other islands. If you're flying into or out of Venice Marco Polo airport, you can get a 4 euro add-on to a vaporetto pass that allows you to use Alilaguna once, to get to or from the airport.

Posted by Larry
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Tina, I'm not sure I understand your question completely. The boat is transportation from the boat docks near the Venice Marco Polo airport to Lido, the main Venice islands, Murano and other islands. The colors refer to their different routes. Linea blu, Linea Arancio (Orange), Linea Rossa, (Red), Linea Gialla (yellow) and Linea Verde (Green). The stops for these different routes are a bit limited in the Venice islands. These boats are not the vaporettos. The vaporettos are the larger public water buses that are the primary transportation in the Venice waterways. The vaporettos go to all of the different islands but they do not go to the airport. This is a difference between the vaporettos and the Alilaguna boats. For vaporetto and museum passes, take a look at Lots of choices there.

Posted by Tina
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Thank you! That does answer my question! We are trying to get from Airport to B&B. Happy Travels!!!!