Transit in Rome

I'm confused about the information I got from the ATAC in Rome. It reads: Take line No. 63 (P ZA Monte SAVELLO (H)) to 3 stops o 492 (STAZ NE METRO CIPRO (MA)) o 62 (BORGO S ANGELO) 492 every 12 min. Get off at stop PLEBISCITO. Does that mean stay on the transport for 3 stops and the third will be Plebiscito? Some of this getting around is confusing to me. I appreciate any info! Thanks!

Posted by Ron
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Lin, where are you starting from and where do you want go? Also, even though it ATAC may say 3 stops... if no one wants to get OFF at any those stops ... or if no one is waiting to get ON at any of those stops... the bus will just keep on going. So sometimes it's best to know where to get off by landmarks to look for!

Posted by Lesley
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RS's Rome guide has a very useful page explaining how to read the bus signs etc. As far as I can see from what you have given us, they are telling you to take the No. 63, which terminates at Piazza Monte Savello, for 3 stops then change to the 492 which terminates at the Cipro metro station Or take the 62 which goes to Borgo S Angelo and change (at the third stop) to the 492 for the Plebescito stop. Most of the buses will have signs which will tell you what the next stop is - don't be afraid to ask - Italians are helpful! And don't forget to validate your ticket if you are using single use tickets. I had a weeks metro pass that was good for busses and trains and used it every day.