transfers in Venice

Is there some way for 4 older ladies to hire someone to meet them at customs and take them to their hotel in Venice. Taking the People Mover then vaporetto to the Rialto or San Marco exit and then walking and finding their hotel seems insurmountable!!

Posted by Stephen
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Are you flying directly into Venice from the US? If you are connecting through another European city such as Frankfurt, you will not go through customs in Venice. I know that you can arrange for a private water taxi to take you from the airport directly to your hotel if it is on a canal. If not, they can get you close. I am not sure about a porter from the airport to your water taxi, though. You can always ask when you try to book it. Here is one link for a water taxi:

Posted by Harold
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How are you arriving in Venice, and which hotel are you staying at? For most scenarios, you can take a water taxi, which can usually get closer to your hotel than any other method. Split among four people, the cost is manageable (I've read estimates that it costs €100 from the airport and €60 from the station to San Marco, and this is for the whole taxi, so each of you would pay 1/4 of that). Check your hotel's website; most have very detailed directions on how to get there (by various methods) from the train station and airport. Since you say "people mover," are you by any chance arriving on a cruise?

Posted by Roberto
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The only people mover I know in Venice is from the cruise docks to Piazzale Roma, so I'm assuming these 4 ladies are arriving with a steam ship. The problem with Venice is that cars can't float, therefore from Piazzale Roma to San Marco or Rialto the only way is on a boat (or a long walk). It could be a vaporetto, or a private water taxi, but still a boat it is. If you are looking for a car transfer, which I seem to surmise from the post, that is not possible. No cars can go beyond Piazzale Roma.

Posted by donna
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Roberto -- why be snide? The first time I arrived in Venice by train, I found stairs -- not even a ramp, and had to drag my suitcase down the stairs to the Vaporetto! I was alone with another woman (we were both in our late 50's then). We got a water taxi to return us to the airport, and it was much more manageable! Hopefully, their hotel is on a canal, and they can be dropped off directly in front or back of it if they take a water taxi.

Posted by Michael
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Linda, it's unclear whether these ladies (are you asking for yourself or four friends?) are arriving at the cruise port on a ship or at the airport. The People Mover is for the cruise ship port. Do you know which hotel they're staying at? The hotel might have some suggestions.

Posted by Nigel
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Hi Linda, are you still there? Can you give us a little more detail, please, so we can help?

Posted by Nigel
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@donna I really don't think Roberto was being snide. I can remember at least two times when posters didn't realize that the taxis were water taxis. ... also ... the train station Venezia Santa Lucia does have a ramp all the way down to the canalside. It is around the side of the station, all the way to the left as you arrive, past platform one, parallel to the stub ends of the platforms.

Posted by Janet
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DonnaI don't feel Roberto was being snide at all. He was just giving factual and helpful information. Lindamaybe you and your traveling companions may want to consider a cruise or a tour group where there is more assistance. I have found Roberto's postings to be nothing but helpful.

Posted by Ashley
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Check with your hotel. Many offer a private water taxi transfer. Someone will meet you at the airport, take you to the boat, & then walk you to the hotel if it's not on a canal.

Posted by Rose
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I have yet to find a hotel in Venice that offers complimentary airport water taxi service. The above reply says 'private' not 'complimentary', so perhaps the meaning is the hotel will arrange a private transfer, but it won't be complimentary. The very high-end Cipriani on Giudecca will send a private boat transfer and charge "from €185 per boat one way" for the privilege. The Hotel Danieli offers private 'hostess-assisted' transfer from the airport to the hotel for €195 for 1-2 people, up to €235 for 4-6 people. If these 5-star accommodations are charging such high rates for the service, I can't imagine any less-starred accommodation would offer a free or reduced-rate transfer. They might send a porter to meet and greet and assist with luggage from the nearest boat landing though.

Posted by Linda
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Thanks to all of you who sent me a reply. I will definitely use this forum in the future! I am a travel agent and have been to Venice 3 times and Italy in general 14 times. It is my husbands and my favorite destination. I have always driven to Venice and that is why I had my questions. The reply's you all sent have been a big help. From my readings I was under the impression the People Mover went from the airport to San Lucia station with a stop at the cruise port. My ladies are spending 3 days in Venice before getting on their cruise. Depending on what they decide to do after we talk about options, I think they will either take the bus from the airport to Piazzale Roma and the vaporetto to the stop recommended by the hotel or maybe choose a private water taxi. I will give them an enlarged map from the Vallaresso stop to their hotel. We all know how hard it is to find street names and directions in Venice, right!. Thanks again.