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tranportation from FCO to Civitavecchia Port

We are taking a cruise from civitavecchia-rome and can't find the right transportation at the right price , please help , we arriving at FCO airpot

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You can take the Leonardo Express train from the airport to Termini station in Rome, and then another train from Termini to Civitavecchia (1.5 hour trip), and then a taxi to the ship. That would be the cheapest way ("right price") but certainly not the least troublesome & speediest.

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You may need to explain right transportation at the right price. You can do it a little easier quicker than Norma suggested. That Leonard Express (11E) to the Trastevere (stop before Termini) and then the train to Civit..(8-12E) The Civit train station is about a mile from the port entrance. When you get off the train you can see your cruise ship. While you can try to get a cab, most likely they will not take you because they want a bigger fare. The is shuttle bus stop just to your right when you exit the station but we have always found the line to be very long and it is a small bus. We always walk -- a nice walk, flat, along the beach. A free shuttle bus just inside the port entrance will take you to your ship's check-in.

Buy all your train tickets at the station in the airport. And if returning to Rome, buy round trip tickets because the ticket line in Civit.. will be impossible.

If you go all the way into Termini, changing trains can be a problem. I think the track numbers for Civit are 23 and 24. As you face the trains with your back to the front of the station, the tracks to Civit are in the VERY far right hand corner. It is a good three or four block walk (all inside the terminal) to the the tracks.

LE to Rome is about 30 minutes and the train from Rome to Civit is 45 to 1hr 15 depending on which train you catch. It is basicly a commuter run with three trains an hour. Buy on open, 2nd class ticket, validate the ticket when you get the Civit tracks and get on the next train.

I think it is easy to do but others may disagree. But you need to be able to easily handle your luggage and people on cruises tend to overpack.

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There are actually train runs that go from FCO to Civitavecchia that do not go through Rome Termini. You change trains at Rome-Trastevere. The trip takes 90-105 minutes. The trip via Rome Termini might be a tad faster. CLICK HERE to see the train runs. The Leonardo express run is faster and makes no intermediate stops. The runs above go to Rome-Tibertina station first.

Frank's recommendation to walk from the train station to the port entrance really works great.

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Thank Frank for the information really help

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I may be on a cruise RT from Civitavecchia, so I've researched the transportation from FCO. I will be doing this: Local Train FM1 from Fiumicino Aeroporto 09:27 to Roma Trastevere 09:53 5,50 €...then transfer to Roma Trastevere 10:24 to Civitavecchia 11:13 4,10 €. Then planing to walk to the cruise dock. Ends up under 10 euros per person.