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Trains, trains, and more trains

I travelled Italy more than 25 yrs ago. Eurail pass was wonderful...hop on and off trains all day long travelling.
I am resuming my travels (children grown and gone) and will tour Italy late October for two weeks. #1. Buy another train pass for Italy? or buy as we go? #2. Do trains and car? #3. Are reservations needed in October? (I like the freedom of hopping on and off.) Thanks for your help.

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We have never had a problem with access altho we have always bought point to point tix. often from machines at the stations. On popular routes- such as to Roma and Venezia and Firenze- it is wise to buy a day in advance. In October there are many fewer tourists, so trains should not be as crowded. Our trips in Italy were during 2004 and 2006.

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The problem with hop-on-hop-off is that now so many of the trains require reservations -- Eurostar (ES) especially. Trains to smaller towns often don't require reservations. I did the original Eurail Pass deal in 1969 and travelled all over Europe without making one reservation. Now, I usually make one.

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I have found that when traveling within a single country, I save money by using point-to-point rather than buying a railpass, but of course it depends on how you travel. Most railpasses only have about 3 days' coverage, and I usually travel by train at least 6 times on a 3 week trip.

You can get prices as well as schedule info from
(they have an English language option)