Trains From Rome to Verona

Good anyone help me please, I am travelling round Italy in September and I just need a bit of help with one area, I am travelling back from sorrento to rome and from Rome to Verona in one day as I have to catch the Sleeper from Verona that night, how long does it take from Rome to Verona and what would a DIRECT train be i have an Interail pass so i would have to be a train covered by the pass, I hope this all makes sense, Thanking you all in advance. kitty

Posted by Sam
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There are 3 direct trains in the morning, 8:15, 9:15, 10:15, and 3 in the afternoon, 16:15, 17:15, 18:15. 2 hour 50 minute journey. That's according to current schedule.

Posted by Ken
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kitty, A few comments and suggestions on your travel route..... > On your trip from Sorrento to Rome, you'll first need to travel on the Circumvesuviana from Sorrento to Naples. AFAIK, you won't be able to use your Railpass for that, so will have to buy a ticket (they're cheap). > When you arrive at Napoli Centrale, you'll have to buy a reservation for the Freccia train, as that's not covered by your Railpass. DO NOT travel without a valid reservation or you may be fined on the spot, and it's NOT cheap! The reservations are specific to each train and departure time, so be sure to make sure that you board the train specified on the reservation (ie: ES 9526). > You can research the train departure times at One of the shortest trips is a departure from Naples at 10:00, arriving Verona Porta Nuova at 15:36 (time 5H:36M, one change in Bologna, reservations compulsory for first leg). > AFAIK, there are no DIRECT trains on the Naples - Verona route. There is at least one direct train from Rome - Verona at 10:15, however you'd still have to change trains in Rome if coming from Naples, so the "bottom line" is that you'll still have at least one change in any case. Happy travels!

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Thank you to you both. Ken Thank you also for that information, if you don't mind I just ant to ask one more question, I can get a train from Naples to Verona, but I have to change at Bologna is this correct? is the only direct train from rome? and is there only one in the morning at 10am. Thanks for all the other information, I have researched and you have just confirmed all my information :) from Naples to Verona approx 6hours travelling. do you know how long it takes from Sorrento to Naples by train. as before thank you.