Trains from La Spezzia to Vernazza

Can amyone provide me with reliable information in regards to the times trains leave La Spezzia to Vernazza on the 26th December ¿2012. I'm finding it difficult to find clear information. Thanks.

Posted by Swan
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CT local trains run about every hour or 1 1/2 hrs during the daytime, and often are not on time. Weekends and holidays often follow a different schedule. Other trains run through the CT making some stops. A train going to Genoa from La Spezia may stop in Monterosso, for example. In the train station, read the "Partenza" (departures) board for details. Sometimes the name of the town you want is buried in the listings of towns a given train stops at. Sometimes the schedule will list some towns and say "tutti..." Tutti means "all" and is in the list to indicate that all the towns between two stops are included. There is also an arrivals board; don't do what I sometimes do and mix up the departure and arrival schedules. You may miss a train or board the wrong train that way. I've done that a couple of times.

Posted by Mike
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The website seems to be screwy on that pair - La Spezia Centrale to Vernazza - or there's no service that day. It works for Monterosso where it shows 6 trains. Try posting on Trip Advisor CT forum as some Italian train experts lurk there.

Posted by Sam
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Yes, even DB shows only one train at 6:40 with a 2 1/2 change at Monterossa.

Posted by Larry
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There are 23 trains a day departing La Spezia Centrale for Vernazza. First run of the day departs La Spezia Centrale at 4:30am. Last is about midnight. The problem you are experiencing is the date you are putting in. Trenitalia refereshes their schedule twice a year - Mid-June and Mid-December. You can easily see the high-speed runs beyond 12-15 but Trenitalia really messes up the Regionale train runs. If you were to put in a date 2-3 days from now (i.e. 11-30 or 12-1, you will see what I see. After the Mid-December refresh, the schedules will return to normal. Don't worry, the schedules for this area will not change much- if at all. It's just the way Trenitalia does things.