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Trains and Seat reservations

We are traveling by train from Florence to Monterosso and are booking regional veloce trains ( trenitalia). I don’t see an option to reserve seats. Is this correct or am I missing something? Wondering what car to board and if there is a strategy for finding seat and a place nearby for luggage. We are a party of 3- each with a carry-on size piece of luggage.

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Regional trains don’t have reserved seats. So you just get on and find a free seat. This is mass transit. Outside rush hour I’d expect no issues getting a seat.

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In addition, if you are purchasing a digital ticket for a regional train then you are required to check in (validate it) before boarding.

The same doesn't apply to a regional electronic ticket, which is pre-validated. You can print it at home before the trip or show the receipt on your smartphone.

If you just purchase a paper ticket for a regional train at the station, you can validate it manually before boarding at a time-stamping machine near the tracks.

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Thanks for your feedback. Good to know we shouldn’t have a problem finding a seat and to just board any car.
Kathy, thanks for the info on checking-in/validating the ticket. I had been wondering if their directions to check in meant merely to validate. Went ahead with the validation/ check-in of the ticket saved on my phone with the trenitalia app. Thanks again!

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Remember, once a Regionale ticket is validated, it is good for four hours. So it is a good idea not to validate until just prior to boarding.

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Locally purchased and validated or purchased online and printed out regionale tickets are good for that train for four hours.

Digitally purchased and validated regionale tickets in the Trenitalia app are good for that train only. So only validate an digital ticket when you're sure you're going take that train. You can buy them up to 5 minutes before the train departure time and they must be validated before the departure time. If you don't validate and use a digital ticket you can apply for a refund in the app after some period of time - I think it is the arrival time of the train at the destination.

Tickets with seat reservations have no validation process.

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