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Train Travel from Varenna to Manarola. Then Manarola to the Milan airport.

We are traveling to the Lake Como and then Manarola in Cinque Terre. If we want to travel the trains with assigned seats, how far in advance do we need to reserve the trains. We want to make sure the trains are not full. I looked at the site, "". Since there is a fee for changing travel, I do not want to book until we are sure of getting all our accommodations in Lake Como. Right now we are missing one day we had planned to stay. We are waiting on possible cancellations. We want to be there from September 18 checking out on September 23. So far no one has all those dates. No one has September 22.

Does anyone have knowledge of places to try to book in Varenna, Bellagio or Como? We have tried Hotel du Lac, Albergo Milano, Hotel Olivedo, and Hotel Florence.

If we are unsuccessful at getting five days in Lake Como, where would you suggest for us to try to visit for two nights, before we travel to Manarola?

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Have you tried Start with Bellagio. Next Varenna, then Menaggio, finally Lenno. All are on the ferry route. You are very late to be booking these desired locations in high season.

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Nearly all of those routes will be on Regionale trains. Like a bus on wheels. No reserve seats. If no seat available you stand till one becomes available. Second, there is NO advantage to buying Regionale train tickets on-line and a couple of disadvantages if you do. Regionale tickets are never discounted and never sell out. So buy those tickets when you get to the station and you are ready to go. So you can relax and buy 'em as you need them. HOWEVER, a Regionale train ticket needs to be validated -- time stamp before it is a valid ticket. What the local, stick it in one of the blue, green, yellows are near the platforms. Once validated it is good for four hours on any Regionale train headed in the correct direction.

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Then Manarola to the Milan airport.

Does this mean you are planning to catch a plane the day you leave CT?`

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Better not. The fastest route to Milan from Manarola is at least 3.5 hours coupled with another hour to the airport from Milan. Probably looking at a total trip time of five, five and half hours. Assuming they are overnight in Milan.

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I probably was not clear. We will train from Veranda or Como to Manarola. Then after our stay in Manarola we will train from Manarola to the airport in Milan.
Also I have looked at many times. So far I have not been successful at finding a suitable place. I am feeling frustrated. That is why I was asking for input from you all.

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Trouble is that is a popular place and relatively small. Must be a festival or something since the 22 is a Sunday. Any thing on the Como web site that would give you a hint.

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For stays in Varenna, you could also try.....

If your budget will allow, you could also have a look at this hotel in Bellagio - .

There may be a few more listings in the RS Italy guidebook (I don't have a current copy on hand). I would not recommend staying in Como!

In your last post, you mentioned "Veranda". I assume your spell checker wasn't working properly.

"If we want to travel the trains with assigned seats, how far in advance do we need to reserve the trains."

The trains from Milan to Varenna / Bellagio are Regionale trains and they do not offer reserved seats. You'll have to take whatever seating is available. The crowd usually thins out a bit at each stop along the way. That trip is 1H:03M. Be sure to disembark promptly as the train doesn't stop for long.

On the trip from Milano Centrale to Manarola, you may be using a combination of Intercity and Regionale trains, depending on which solution you choose. The Intercity tickets come with compulsory seat reservations. Again, no reservations or assigned seats possible on Regionale trains.

If using locally purchased Regionale tickets, DON'T forget to validate these prior to boarding the train on the day of travel, or you'll risk hefty fines which will be collected on the spot!