Train to Rome Airport Walkable to T5?

We plan to take the Leonardo Express to the airport. From the maps of the airport, it looks like there is no walkway from the train terminal at the airport to T5? 1. Is it walkable? 2. About how long a walk? 5 min? 10? I know the train runs every 30 min, and of course our flight leaves @10am, so we will plan on giving ourselves a couple of hours to check in, check bags and so forth ( yes, we have bags, our bike cases have to be checked) Been a long time since we've departed from Rome, can't remember!

Posted by Eileen
Texan in CA
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I've always trusted Ron in Rome, and our shared experiences at FCO haven't hurt that trust. Definitely allow two hours - or more - if you're checking luggage that doesn't look like a suitcase...that could really throw someone (sigh).

Posted by SamSn
Scottsdale, AZ, USA
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There is a free shuttle that runs out to Terminal 5. Follow the signs when you arrive at the train station at FCO airport. The shuttles depart every 10-15 minutes.

Posted by JerryG
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Getting on the shuttle to T5 makes a Rugby scrum look civilized. Can't remember what the train costs, however, I don't think it was that much more to cab to T5 for 2 people. Unless things have changed in the last year, T5 is chaos as too many airlines packed into too small a space--unless you are a premier flier, T5 is a challenge. Plan on 3 hours minimum!

Posted by Ellen
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The train is 14E each so 28E for hubby and me. A taxi is 48E
Train it is for us

Posted by Gail
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Hi Ellen, We just came home on May 16th and our flight left at 10:50. We gave ourselves 2 and 1/2 hrs and had an hour to spare. Maybe we were lucky, but didn't find it chaotic at all, just weird that they shuttle you back and forth!
Good luck!

Posted by Roberto
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Don't walk, there is no sidewalk even, take the shuttle bus in front of term 3.
I've never had any issues at term 5, if anything it was faster for me at least. I've never gotten to FCO earlier than 2 and a half hours prior to dep. and always had plenty of time to spare once at the gate. they recommend 2 hrs at least.

Posted by Carol
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I have a reverse question- we land at terminal 5 and take off again at terminal 3. Can we walk? We have plenty of time.

Posted by SamSn
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Carol, you will actually be arriving at Terminal 3. Terminal 5 is for departures only, there are no baggage carousels at Terminal 5. Terminal 5 is used for flight departures with added security. Passengers must go through security, passport control and check luggage at Terminal 5 but in fact will land up taking an airport shuttle to meet their gate at Terminal 3.

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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T5 is not a real terminal, just a security processing building for departing passengers (a sort of Ellis Island for people leaving the country). After going through security passengers are shuttled back to the "real terminals" on the sterile airside (I.e. the bus is on the Tarmac side). The reason for T5 is probably the December 1985 terrorist attack at Fiumicino when Palestinian terrorists attacked with machine guns and grenades the passengers checking in at the El Al and TWA counters. Since then, US based airlines' and El Al check in counters were separated through an extra wall of security within term 3. Eventually, a few years ago, they decided to move them outside the terminal altogether and they created term 5, a former hangar turned into a bunker/check in terminal.

Posted by Frank
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We just pass through yesterday (19th) coming home from nine days of intense winery visits in Tuscany. We had a 1 pm Delta flight to JFK. Dropped a Heritz car in the garage at 10 with short walk to left side as you face Terminal 3 for the bus. Very clearly marked - big sign. About 15 boarded the bus. Guess we missed the rugby team. Just a quick 3,4 min bus ride to T-5. The check in for Delta was fast with another 10 people in line or so. Looked like one other airline checking in. Didn't match earlier description. Maybe Jerry uses a another T-5. Security was even easier. Shoes on. No body scan. Simple walk through. Only difference is that they asked for all electronics in larger plastic bag. Then bused to the G gates for departure. Had to kill over a hour and a half. We were through in less than an hour. One of easier departure. If we had arrived later maybe the crowds would have been bigger and it was a Sunday in May.