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Train to Lucca from MXP or FCO

Dear Forum, I am headed to Lucca for a month this fall, solo. I can either fly into Milan MXP or Rome FCO. Is the overall train journey to Lucca better/easier from one airport vs the other?

I’d consider staying overnight in my arrival city in order to do the multiple-train journey in a well-rested state the next morning rather than jet-lagged.

I’m not considering Pisa, Florence, or Bologna airports because this time I want to fly Delta Airlines nonstop to Italy from Atlanta.

I speak/understand basic conversational Italian (if spoken slowly!!)

Thanks in advance, all.

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A train from Milan’s Malpensa airport termina1 to Lucca requires a minimum of two transfers. The first would be at Milano Centrale (Milan’s central station) to Florence’s SM Novella station to Lucca. The entire trip takes 5h 45m.
Rome would work best with a train from Rome’s Fiumicino Airport to Lucca that also requires two connections. The first would be at Rome’s Termini station and the second at Florence’s SM Novella station. This trip takes 4h 15m.

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Quicker from Rome and I’d rather overnight in Rome than Milan

There is a direct train from FCO to Florence at 1:53 -if that works out for you it’s one less change
And don’t need the overnight

Do you know what time your flight arrives?

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If prices are similar I would prefer flying to Rome. It’s a shorter journey by train, and, on the way back, when you certainly need to spend the night in the city of departure, I’d rather stay in Rome than in Milan, which is also far from its airport (Malpensa).

If it’s a non stop flight, it will arrive in the morning, so there is no need to spend the night in a Rome (or Milan). You have plenty of time to make it to destination on the day of landing. If your are tired you can rest on the trains, they are comfortable.

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I agree that flying into Rome, then a fast train to Florence will be easier. The train to Lucca is a regionale so be prepared for lots of stops! I envy you your month in Lucca … it’s a lovely little city.

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This past September we rented an apartment in Lucca for 3 weeks. It was a wonderful 3 week vacation. We took the train from Rome. No problem.