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Larry, first off, using all caps on the internet is considered SHOUTING. It's also harder to read. You'll want to avoid it. As for your question, you will have to take three separate trains to get from Sorrento to FCO. The first is the Circumvesuviana train from Sorrento to Naples. That takes about an hour. The next train is from Naples to Rome's Termini station. Best case scenario for that train is 1 hour and ten minutes. Then you take the Leonardo Express train from Termini to FCO. That takes about 30 minutes. Total time between Sorrento and FCO depends on the layover times between trains. I'll let someone else weigh in with ticket prices and alternatives. Happy travels.

Posted by Roberto
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Prices vary depending on which type of train you take from Napoli to Roma Termini.
If you are taking a fast train from Napoli to Roma Termini (Frecciarossa train), you are looking at 43 Euro. The total travel time from Napoli to Rome FCO is about 2 hrs (incl. layover at Roma Termini). If you take a slower train from Napoli to Roma Termini (like an Intercity or a Regionale Veloce) you will be saving maybe up to 15 Euro. However it will take you about an hour longer altogether. The portion on the Circumvesuviana commuter train from Sorrento to Napoli Centrale is really cheap, about 4 Euro. These are the prices today. In May next year we don't know, but they shouldn't vary much.

Posted by Tim
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I'm guessing that you want to know how early you can get to FCO so you'll know what flight to book going home. Am I right? The first Circumvesuviana commuter train leaves Sorrento at 06:01 and arrives at the lower level of Napoli Centrale at 07:06. You should be able to get to the upper level of the station in time to catch the high-speed EuroStar Italia train that leaves Napoli Centrale at 07:20 and arrives at Roma Termini at 08:30. Take the Leonardo Express from Termini to FCO, departing at 08:52 and arriving at 09:23. It's wise to be at FCO a full three hours before a flight across the Atlantic.

Posted by Linda
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Be aware of the current situation on the Circumvesuviana train service ie wildcat strikes by the staff over non/late payment of salaries which is occuring with greater frequency. Further, the lack of usable trains (old rolling stock and breakdowns) means that they are unable to run a full service on some days. Unless they get significant extra funding the situation is not going to get any better and probably worsen. It is difficult to predict what the situation will be in 7 months time but build some slack in to your schedule and maybe have a Plan B.

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Sorrento all the way to Fuimicino is NOT a trip I would even consider. There are too many legs with too many variables that can cause you to be late.

Posted by Frank
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Tim is correct. Don't even think about making that run via train to catch a plane. Too many variables. Driving and dropping a car at the airport would be quicker and probably more convenient. That way you do not go into Rome. Use one of the goggle map services to estimate driving time.

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Driving and dropping a car probably would be more convenient. But the variables in this equation are traffic delays, wrecks (what if you have one), flat tire (your own), car breaks down, etc. You're just too far away from the airport to make your flight if ANYTHING out of the ordinary happens. That's my thought anyway, but maybe you're braver than I am in the face of unknowns.

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We took local transportation from Sorrento to Rome and it was not bad at all. However from your post it sounds like you want to do this on the day your flight leaves. If that is the case, no way should you consider this. Even if your flight leaves in the afternoon, too much can go wrong. Please don't try it, go to Rome the day before, in my opinion.

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Planning to leave Sorrento to Fiumicino to catch a plane in the same morning is a really bad idea. You are too far away and too many glitches can occur causing you to miss your flight. If it were me, I would stay in Roma the night before and take the Leonardo Express to FCO the next morning. Buon viaggio,

Posted by Ken
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Larry, I agree with the others - travelling from Sorrento to FCO on flight day is probably not a good idea, and something I'd never consider. There are too many variables and possibilities for problems. I may have missed it, but what time does your flight leave? A "safer" method would be to stay in Rome the night before your flight, and then just take the Leonardo Express to the airport (travel time ~35M, fare €14 PP). DON'T forget to validate your ticket! With four people, a Taxi may be about the same cost as the train, however one benefit of the train is that there are no "traffic issues". When you arrive at the airport station, you'll be able to walk to most of the Terminals. Happy travels!