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Train strike

Hi all,
On a travel to Italy FB page someone mentioned a train strike for July 10. On the RS Europe FB page someone is mentioning their train (departing Firenze) is on the affected trains list, and mentions it’s on a Sunday, making me think it’s on the same day. Does anyone know how I can find out if our Frecciarossa train to Rome will be affected by the strike? If I go to the Commissione Garanzia Sciopero ( it says for “Ámbito geográfico” Toscana, Rilevanza = regionale (which I know means for Tuscany región the relevance is regional), but I can’t see how to find out if the train I’m supposed to take is affected. Trying to figure out if I need a plan B.

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Are you taking a Regionale train or not? If not, I wouldn't worry.

Incidentally, I have never seen a list of affected trains. FWIK There is a list of guaranteed trains on working days. On Sundays, All the others trains may or may not run depending on the route they make and the judgement of that train's staff.

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@Dario what I meant is that I have tickets for the Frecciarossa from Firenze to Roma. When I go to the Sciopero website I mentioned above, I can see there will be a train strike that day, affecting several regions including Tuscany. However, in the details section of the strike, it says Rilevanza : regionale. So, does this mean that the strikes will only be affecting regional trains? As to the other question, I guess maybe the other poster did not really know about a specific train but a date. Several people asked how they knew but no response yet. Trying to be be prepared as much as possible. And thank for your helpful responses.

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I have tickets on regional trains from Lucca to Viareggio then to Milan on the tenth of July. Does that mean I need to make other arrangements?