train strike

We will be leaving Levanto for Venice during the June 8 to 9 train strike. Was wondering about transporation to LaSpezia and then we can rent a car from there to get to Venice. Can anyone tell me if there is taxi service between Levanto and LaSpeza? Or boat service? How much would it cost? How long would the trip take by either taxi or boat?

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Linda, You may find it interesting to have a look at the Trenitalia website regarding strikes: Even during a strike, some service will be provided although much slower than normal. I've experienced rail strikes in both France and Italy, and found that a few trains are still running. It's usually a bit chaotic during strikes, as many people are trying to get on the few available trains. I'd suggest asking the staff at your hotel for suggestions, as they may be able to give you information on which trains will be operating. I hope they don't change the date, as I'll also be in Italy at around that time and have no rail travel planned for the 8th. Good luck!

Posted by Alan
Topanga, CA
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I was told a taxi from Monterosso to La Spezia woud be about 90 euros, and take about an hour, so that gives you some idea. But, the other to thing to determine is whether the trains you were thinking of taking are guaranteed to run even in event of strike. Check the trenitalia website for those trains.