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Train Station Lockers in Rome, Venice, Florence a& Pisa

I'd like to ask if lockers are available for luggage in train stations Roma Termini, Venezia Santa Lucia, Firenze S.M.N. and Pisa Centrale?

I'll go traveling there in last July, hope to know if I can put my stuff there for a short period of time.

Many thx!!!

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There is information on the website that will tell you what facilities are at each train station in Italy. What it doesn't tell you is the quality of storage or locker system. From personal experience, I am familiar with Pisa. At the far south end of track #1, turn left into the last building and you will see the storage area. In order to store your luggage, they make a copy of your passport picture. To get your luggage back, you have to show your passport. Nice and secure. The cost is 3 Euro per bag. I know that there is also a luggage storage area at Florence SMN but I have not used it. If you want to find the link on the trenitalia site, message me and I'll describe how to get there.

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most train stations have eliminated lockers due to fears of terrorism. I was in Florence last summer and they do have a checked-baggage service at the train station

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No more lockers in Rome or Florence but there is a left luggage with manned staff. The lines can be very long so be sure to leave plenty of time.

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Larry, Mike, SamSn,

Thanks very much for your info. They are really helpful and now I know that I can put my luggage there and enjoy my trip