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Train reservations- what type of seats?

I'm trying to book our trains between the cities of Rome and Florence, Florence and Venice, and Venice and Como... when I choose first class seats, it gives me an option of mandatory reserved seats or "seats salottino business." I am unsure what to choose. Also, if we have a bag bigger than a carry on where is the luggage rack? Grazi!

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On their new ETR 500 trains, Trenitalia offers business "lounge" sections,...four seats per section, with small tables and power outlets. Those are your "salottino business" seats, and cost about 25 per cent more, I believe, than just leaving it set to "mandatory reservation."

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Where the luggage rack is located rack is depends on the train. On Intercity trains, they're usually above your head in the compartment. On Eurostar trains, they are also above your head, although there is often room at either end of the carriage. I've found that both types of trains accommodate oversized bags rather well--unless they're gigantic.

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We always chose first class as there is little price difference, rarely filled, so more rooms for our bags. I would get bags where the handles turn and you can wheel them down the the italians do. Marilee

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Joyce, on the nicer trains (Eurostar, Euro City) and maybe the Intercity (IC), you will need a reservation. The Eurostar is very nice and fast. On these nicer trains, there are luggage racks overhead AND, behind the seats. Explanation. Seats do not all face one direction. They face both as the trains do not turn around. The seats are back to back and are slanted slightly. This leaves a space large enough for a 24"-26" bag. We did this several times. Big tip: Don't take too much luggage. One large bag with one carry on should be enough.

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Actually just back yesterday from nearly a month in and around Italy. Flew into Rome and home from Zurich. We used the trains in and out of Rome, Rome to Florence, Florence to Milan, Milan to Zurich. Generally bought the tickets the day before from the ticket machines -- quick, easy, and convenient. We always use 2nd class but that decision is more personal choice that anything else. The only time we had to use an agent (and, therefore, spend some time in line) was the ticket from Milan to Zug, Switzerland == considered an international ticket. We had to show our passport prior to purchase

The overhead racks are more than adequate for carryon size bag. Bigger bags kind of hang over and look like they could fall. But none did. I would encourage you to take two carry on size bag instead of one large bag. In fact, it would be best if you got by with just one. None of the trains were crowded and most less than half full so lots of room for luggage. All seating is 2 facing 2

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Good to know... However, there is no way I can pack with just a carry on because we are traveling for 16 days with a wedding during our stay. Plus, I intend on doing some shopping!!