Train reservations/buying ticket

Can someone briefly explain the "reservation" versus buying a ticket, please? Do you just make reservation when you buy the ticket, and it's an additional fee? Does the "new" train require reservations, or just the trenitalia? Warm Thanks.

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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ALL trains in Italy EXCEPT the Regional trains require a seat reservation. The reservation is include when you purchase the ticket. However, if using a rail you must purchase a separate seat reservation for an additional fee.

Posted by Zoe
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Cat, go to for all info on trains and everything in Rome. Step-by-step instructions. In short, you will automatically have a reserved seat on the fast train ticket when you buy it. You don't have to validate this ticket since it is only good for that specific train, date, and time. The regional trains don't give you a reserved seat and are valid for a time period, not a specific train. Regional tickets must be validated in the little machines (either yellow or blue/grey) at the track. There are hefty fines if you travel without a valid ticket.

Posted by Cat
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Thank you both, got it. :) and I'll check out Roninrome.