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I will be using the train in Italy & wondered if reservations would be needed for any of these routes? Venice to Rome (One way)
Rome to Florence (Round trip same day) If a reservation is suggested, how far in advance do you suggest for mid-July travel on a weekday to reserve seats? I remember on a previous trip purchasing tickets in advance from a machine. Example: when I arrived in Venice, I went ahead & purchased a ticket for travel to Florence a few days later and the same for when I arrived in Florence, bought my next ticket for the next city upon arrival. Is this enough time for July? FYI: I have never traveled to Europe in July, but this time it couldn't be avoided. Thanks for your help.

Posted by Sam
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Its not so much the reservation as the oportunity to get a significant discount. The Venice-Rome walk up price is 80 Euro, but you can buy 90 days in advance for 29 Euro (non refundable, non transferable).

Posted by Frank
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I assume you are asking about advance reservations. Reservations are required on all Italian trains except Regional trains. The really issue is price not space. There are/will be plenty of seats available even in July. But if you are willing to buy a ticket that is no change, no refund, and lock into a schedule, then there are discount available for advance purchases.

Posted by Nigel
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It is no longer a case of "recommended" in Italy. In Italy you either travel on trains for which reservations are not possible (Regionale or Regionale Veloce) or on trains on which travel is not permitted without a mandatory reservation (pretty much everything else including the new .Italo trains). On both of the routes you ask about I would expect you to use the high speed FrecciaRossa trains of Trenitalia (although the .Italo from Venice would be a good candidate). The sooner you get 'em, the cheaper they are. Watch the change or refund policies on the cheaper ones.

Posted by DLB
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Thanks for your replies. It has been very helpful.