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I have a tentative itinerary, but I'm a little confused. We have a three month global rail pass and we already made that decision. Most likely we will be doing this: Innsbruck-Firenze Firenze-Napoli (but really Sorrento with commuter train) Napoli-Roma
Roma-?? we need to get up to Karlsruhe Since we have to make seat reservations how and when should I go about doing this? As I go? What about since we are in do I make the Italian leg reservation? Which trains will accept our railpass and only require the seat reservation supplement? I think the ITALO trains never allow railpass right? When I look on DBB will it distinguish between companies? What is the best route from Rome to Karlsruhe without doing an overnight train? We don't mind breaking the trip up and spending the night somewhere...maybe Milan, Basel, Luzern? Also the entire trip is the end of November and middle December. Are there any known cancelations when snowy we should think of? As always I appreciate any and all advice! I have learned so much from you all.

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If you have a rail pass I hope those are not the only places you are going, because you would have saved a lot of money by flying and/or buying individual tickets. From Rome to Karlsruhe you go via MILANO then BASEL then KARLSRUHE. This is the shortest (2 train changes only, in Milano and Basel). Rome dep: 7:20 Milan arr: 10:40 Milan dep: 11:25 Basel arr: 15:59 Basel dep: 18:13
Karlsruhe arr: 17:59 Weather related delays or cancellations are common for air travel, but not so much for trains. It really has to be a major disrupting snow dump to affect train transportation. If you choose to fly, you can fly from Naples to Stuttgart with AirBerlin, or from Rome to Stuttgart with Germanwings. Less than 2 hours' flight. Karlsruhe is not too far from Stuttgart.