Train reservation says N/A

We looked up a train schedule from Milan to Bergamo and it says 1st N/A and Second N/A for all the schedules. Does this mean they are sold out, or that the trains do not go there, or what? I saw this for several different scenarios. The Italian train reservations are very confusing for us. We will be trying to get from Verona, to Milan for a few hours, then to possibly Bergamo, or somewhere before heading to Lucerne.

Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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Trains in Italy are rarely sold out. The trains from Milan to Bergamo are Regionale trains. They are never sold out. There are 30 trains a day from Milan to Bergamo. Fare is 5.25Euro. Also, you can't buy tickets for Regionale trains online from Trenitalia until you are within 7 days of the travel date. You can see the schedules; you just can't buy. But remember, the Regionale trains cannot be sold out. Like your local bus, you buy your ticket, validate it in the little machine near the tracks, get on and and find a seat. If no seat, you can stand. The problem is that you are putting in a date that is too far out for Trenitalia. Thus, you get N/A. Trenitalia refreshes their schedules twice a year - Mid-June and Mid-December. It's fine now to look as far ahead into late March for high-speed trains but not the Regionale trains. It's not that the schedules will change a lot, most wont change at all. It all won't get right until after Mid-December. If you want to see sechedules, put in a date that is 3-4 days from now. I just looked at 12-4 and I can see all 30 runs.