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Train Replacement Bus for Domodossola to Milan Centrale


Has anyone taken the replacement bus service from Domodossola to Milan? I'm leaving from Interlaken on the 18th June to Milan and I'm trying decide which route to take. I've read comments suggesting taking the train through Zurich and Lugano but that route seems to take an extra 2hrs.

Also does anyone know the process of reserving a seat on the replacement bus? I will have a Eurail pass (2nd class) and not sure if it will cover this.

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It depends on which bus service you use. If the bus is marked "EC", it is a replacement for the EC train and requires a reservation, as no standing is allowed. Since this service will not be instituted until June 9, nobody has taken it yet. I suppose the reservation process for Eurail pass holders is the same as getting one for the train. The buses go directly from Domodossola station to the west side on Milano Centrale station.

However, you can also take the Trenord replacement bus service that does not require seat reservations. This bus service replaces regional train service to Arona, where you board a regional train to Milano Centrale.

See schedules at

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I just booked that trip and have been assigned an EC Bus .
It says a reservation is required but I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find out how to book it.
There is a suggestion that I should book it at an Italian train station but I only have a couple minutes connection .
Any suggestions? I’m traveling tomorrow (June 27, 2024)

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How did the bus travel go? Heading to Milan from Lausanne in 2 weeks and exploring options. Thanks!

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Will be traveling from Interlaken to Domodossola and on to Baveno (Lago Maggiore) on September 6 so I am following this thread, too!