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We are looking to book train from Verenna/Lake Como to Milan and than Milan to Naples on May 23. On Raileurope site it shows Varenna-Esino to Milano-Centrale departs at 8:37 arrives 9:40, Regional 2561. Looking on for options from the Milan to Naples there is departure at 11:10 arrives 15:55, Frecciarossa 9525 - super economy, Business for 118 euros. Do you have any suggestions on booking these? Any other options or things we should know before booking? Thanks, Phil
Sorry if this is a duplicate - I'm a novice.

Posted by Tim
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You can buy your tickets for Varenna-Esino to Milan just before boarding the train. There is no discount for advance purchase and there is open seating. If you arrive at Milano Centrale at 09:40, you'll have plenty of time to catch either Frecciarossa 9619 that departs at 10:00 or Frecciarossa 9521 that departs at 10:10. You don't have to register on to book tickets, but things go more smoothly if you do. You will be given a temporary password. Change the password before you book your tickets.

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I think your temporary password is valid for a limited time, perhaps 48 hours. If you don't change it before it expires, click "forgot password" and it will be emailed to you.

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RailEurope is not a good source for schedule information. It is a travel agency that only lists schedules for the tickets that they sell. You best choice is always the national train site. We rarely if even book anything more than second class. Second class is about the same as business class seating in airlines. The space difference is pretty small but will have fewer people since most folks travel second class. Remember if using a Regional train you must validate (time stamp) the ticket since a regional train ticket is an open ticket that can be used at anytime on any regional train. All other trains require a seat reservation so the ticket is specific to a certain train at a certain time.