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Train from Zurich to Venice and then to Lausanne

I will be travelling in Switzerland in August, and would like to make a trip to Venice for 3 nights. I would like to take a day train so I can stare out the window and take in the big picture. I am a woman going solo. Would it be safe? Would I need to buy tickets in advance or can I do it once I am in Switzerland? Would going 2nd class in Italy be ok? Also, I read a lot of advice on how to be vigilant on a train in Italy, but wonder how the heck I am going to go to the bathroom with the luggage? Take it with me? I listen to Rick's advice to pack light, but even if I have only one roll-on piece, how can I go to the bathroom with it?

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Europasses are good so that you can travel first class. I take the view that when I am travelling with luggage I travel first class and when I am not I travel second class. A bit more comfort and room in first class.

Keep all your documents on you and not in your suitcases.

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We took a train from Zurich to Venice from the airport in Zurich. My husband and I went during the day, we slept much of the way, there were alot of empty seating areas. It seemed very safe to me, just keep your stuff with you even when you go to the bathroom. You luggage should fit into the bathroom if your good at maneuvering! Honestly the trains are nicer in Switzerland, but still fine on the Italy side of it. The guy that collected tickets was pretty good at making sure we woke up and got off in time! We did not travel 1st class, it was fine. We had our tickets already through Eurail, doing them with their car and rail combo. The view from the train was amazing, you will love the trip.