Train from Salerno, to Pompeii, to Florence

We will be traveling by train on 10/9 from Salerno to Pompeii. We would like to spend a full day touring the ruins and stay one night at a B & B / hotel in Pompeii. We woul then take the train up to Florence the next morning. Is the new ITALOTRENO train available from Salerno-to-Pompeii-to-Florence route? If not, what train(s)/route would we take? If we need to change trains at any point, at what location(s)would that be? BTW...Does anyone have a B & B / hotel recommendation that's close by the ruins? Thank you!

Posted by Larry
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Sandy, first, there are two train stations in Pompei. The more common one is on the Circumvesuviana train line (Pompei Scavi stop). You don't want this one from Salerno. The second one is in the center of Pompei and it's a Trenitalia train station. You will need a short taxi ride from this train station to the Pompei ruins. It looks like the new Italo train does not stop there. Just the Trenitalia train. Second, I don't think that any Trenitalia fast trains stop there. In fact, from Salerno, most runs heading to Napoli Centrale, Roma and Firenze, start you out on a Regionale train from Salerno to Napoli Centrale that stops at Pompei. It's a 25-30 minute train ride so its really easy.

Posted by Frank
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The high-speed trains to Florence depart only from Salerno and Naples. Depending on which Pompei train station is closer to your B&B, take either the regional train from the Pompei (Trenitalia) station or the Circumvesuviana train from the Pompeii Scavi station and catch your high-speed train in Naples. Many trains stop in Rome but don't require a change. Back-tracking to Salerno to catch the high-speed train would add at least an hour to the trip.