Train from Naples to Monterosso

10:38AM Napoli Centrale 11:55AM Roma Termini 1hr17min Le Frecce Le Frecce 9374 TRANSFER: 15 min 12:10PM Roma Termini 3:51PM La Spezia Central 3hr41min Le Frecce Le Frecce 9772 TRANSFER: 7 min 3:58PM La Spezia Central 4:20PM Monterosso 0hr22min Train Train 2052 from $140 View from $194 View Can someone advise on the above train schedule I found for July 2013? The above transfer times of 15 minutes and 7 minutes don't seem long enough when we will have luggage. Is there a better route/option from Naples to Monterossa in July 2013? Any direct trains from Naples to Monterosso? Thank you,

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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That's as direct as it gets from NAP to the 5Terre. Just 2 changes: Roma Termini and La Spezia. Unless there are delays, 15 min. to transfer in Rome should be sufficient (tight though if there is a slight delay). The transfer time in La Spezia is irrelevant. There are so many trains from SP to Monterosso that it doesn't matter if you miss it. Just take the next.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Bobby, As Roberto mentioned, the transfer times should be quite adequate unless the trains are late. The trip you mentioned IS about the quickest. Transferring at Roma Termini is very straightforward. It's a "terminating" station, which means all trains run up to the end of the tracks and then stop. All you'll have to do is walk down the platform, across to your next track and then up the next platform. Be sure to check the electronic sign board to confirm the track (Binario) of your next train, using the train no. (9772) for reference. How much luggage are you hauling? Unless that includes a couple of Steamer Trunks, you should be fine. However, a few minutes prior to arrival in Rome and La Spezia, I'd suggest that you collect your luggage and wait in the foyer so that you can disembark quickly. The door release will likely be a large push button. The train from La Spezia to Monterosso will likely be a Regionale, so a bit slower. Try to sit on the left (when facing towards the front) so that you can enjoy the great ocean views. Which hotel are you staying at in Monterosso? That will have a bearing on which way to go when you exit the station. Happy travels!