train from florence to rome

my luggage is 28 x 20 x 13 size. will this fit on the train, and if not, am I able to check it like on a plane?

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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It's all up to how strong you are. You'll be doing the lifting. I've long since given up on large, heavy baggage. My 22" rolling bag is heavy enough.
See Rick's section on how to pack, and change your ways.

Posted by Ellen
Centennial, CO, USA
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You simply take it on board with you there are open overhead bins if a bag doesn't fit there it's left on the floor at your feet or at the end of your car. There is nothing like checked bags on trains You must be sure you can lift your bag to carry up very narrow steps on to the train it will not roll down the aisle and will have to be carried if not one of the newer 4 wheels bags
Be aware that sometimes there is very little time to board a train and its a total rush of people getting on and off at the same time Secure all your bags Do not leave anything on the platform when boarding. It sounds to me that you are overpacking. That is a huge sized bag. I'd reconsider your choice and downsize. Not sure how long your vacation is but you should be able to manage 2-3 weeks in a carry in size and a smaller tote or cross body bag. You will be much happier

Posted by Eileen
Texan in CA
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Be sure you're allowed to check a bag this large on your airline; this is only 1" less than American Airlines' checked baggage size limit :-( I, too, strongly suggest something much smaller and manageable. Pay close attention to the beginning of the video link that I've posted below (the red suitcase); yours may be even larger. There is No Help with your luggage once you pick it up off of the luggage carrousel at the airport... Packing light (allow the video to start on its own for best quality - don't click on the 'start' arrow - give it several seconds...and at the bottom right corner of the video box, click on the two 'arrows' pointing NW and SE to make the video go full screen!) Yes, technically it will fit on a train; getting it up 2 or 3 very narrow steps - sideways - and finding a place to put it is the real problem.

Posted by Sherry
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One additional argument for traveling lighter: If you plan on doing anything other than one direct Florence to Rome train, you are likely to need to carry your luggage downstairs across a passageway and then back upstairs to make transfers... sometimes within a few minutes, if a train is late or the transfer time is tight. Unless you are very tall, very young, and very strong/athletic, that size bag could be a nightmare on a train. And it really is easy, with careful planning and a willingness to do some hand laundry, to spend a month or more on traveling with a 20 to 22 inch bag. No one is watching and keeping score about whether you're wearing the same outfit on multiple days.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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sharon, That's a somewhat large piece of luggage, so hopefully you won't have too much difficulty hauling it up stairs, along cobblestone streets and on & off trains. Trains with "open seating" usually have a luggage rack at one end of the car. These tend to fill-up quickly, so try and be one of the first to board the train. Also, be sure to watch it, especially in stations, so that it doesn't "disappear". Trains with compartments don't usually have the luggage rack, so you'll have to try and keep the bag with you (which may be an issue if the compartment is full). All trains have luggage racks over the seats, but I really doubt whether you'll be able to fit behemoth luggage in the overhead racks (keeping in mind that YOU will have to lift it!). You may find it helpful to have a look at this link from the excellent website: The video showing the FrecciaRossa train will give you an idea what the trip will be like. Happy travels!