train from airport to sulmona or bus?

I will be arriving at Rome airport and need to take a train to Sulmona in Abruzzo region. I know I can take a train from the airport to Rome Termini and then get a train to Sulmona - but can I take a train from the AIRPORT to Sulmona without going to Rome Termini?
Is there a website for the airport train station? I have the URL for the italy train route times, but they all leave from rome termini.

I also read that there are several buses that go between rome and sulmona - how do I get that info and where do you get on a bus?

Posted by Laura
Virginia, USA
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Hi Roz,

I suspect that you need to go to the Termini. When I was there, the express train to the the airport was on one track at the Rome Termini and it seemed as if it just came into the station and turned around and went back to the airport. I don't remember seeing trains at the airport going to any destinations other than stations in Rome.

Did you check the airport website to see if they have any info on the trains?