Train Ferry from Naples to Catania, Sicily

Hi, I was thinking about booking the train ferry from Naples to Catania on Sicily principally for the experience and was wondering if anyone knew what kind of view you get on the journey? Maybe you don't get any at all?? Thanks

Posted by Fred
Vacaville, CA, USA
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The ferry from Naples, as I can gather from friends is a night ferry. You are pretty far out at sea and you don't lose a day taking that ferry.

Posted by Anne
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Hi, Thanks for your advice. The night one would really be a waste of time! The train ferry I was thinking of is one which actually goes during the day, it takes approx. 7 hours which would also be a waste of time if you can't see out i.e. if you are sitting on a train in the bowels of a boat!

Posted by Norma
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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I doubt you would be obliged to stay on the train on the ferry. Though I haven't been on a train on a ferry I have been on a coach and passengers are permitted to get off and go up to the ferry deck for the crossing. Announcements are made to alert you as to when to get back on board the bus (or train).

Posted by Tom
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The "train ferry" in Italy takes you across the narrow straits of Messina, between mainland Italy and Sicily. When your train arrives at the departure point, it simply drives straight onto a specially-built "train ferry" which makes the approximately 40-minute crossing over the water, whereupon the ferry docks, the train drives off, and continues on its merry way. During the crossing, you're free to exit the train and wander about the ferry. Other than that short crossing, the train is simply an ordinary overland train. This is how trains cross the water between Sicily and mainland Italy. There is no bridge.

Posted by Fred
Vacaville, CA, USA
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What is the cost of the Train/Ferry to Messina from Naples. Any idea.