Train Connection Help - Varenna-Esino to Manarola

Was on the trenitalia web site checking connections between Varenna-Esino and Manarola. From Varenna-Esino (10:37) to Milano Centrale (11:40). Then Milano Centrale (12:10) to Sestri Levante (14:42).
Then Sestri Levante (14:50) to Manarola (15:35). Wondering if there is enough time between arriving at Sestri Levante and departing for Manarola.

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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That is tight but do able if on time. SL is a small station. Be at the door really to jump out the instant the door unlocks. I would not do it. Is there a later train?

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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craig, Sestri Levante is a relatively small station, so that may be the reason they felt that an eight minute change would be adequate. It's quite possible that changing trains may only require walking across the platform and boarding the next train. It's also possible that you may have to go down stairs to the sottopassagio (tunnel) and then back up to another platform, but that won't take long. When you arrive at Sestri Levante, check the electronic board right away and look for the number of your next train. That will indicate which Binario (platform) it will be departing from. The platforms will be clearly marked, so will be easy to get to the right one. Happy travels!

Posted by Roberto
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In Italy, as in France,trains travel on the left track (like the British do with when they drive their cars). Since the train coming from Milan is going in the same direction as the Regionale taking you to Manarola there is a high chance that your arriving train will drop you off on the same track where you will pick up your train to Manarola. That means that after you get off you just have to stand on the same platform and wait for your Regionale to Manarola. Of course that is not guaranteed since Sestri is a station with 4 tracks, but likely.

Posted by Alan
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Although you didn't post the dates of your trip, I believe the Miilano Centrale train you referred to goes on to Monterosso arriving at 15:02. I think there is a train around 20 minutes later that goes to Manarola and arrives at the same time as your proposed trip above, 15:35. You may want to take the train to Monterosso so you won't have to worry about having only eight minutes to switch trains.

Posted by Roberto
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Yes. If you can change trains in Monterosso you have no platforms to change. Both trains will stop on the left track going East, therefore same platform. Just get off one train and wait for the next on the same platform.