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Train baggage in Italy

Planning trip to Rome, CT, Florence, Venice by train. Am concerned about lack of space for luggage on trains and thievery. From other posts, it sounds like there is no room for more than a large daypack. Help! Thanks.

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Read Kelly's post on this topic, titled Luggage on Trains/Buses, updated today. Much info in it.

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You can easily travel with a roller bag up to 22"-24". You won't have problems on the train. Any more bags and you will have to deal with stairs. Most large train stations in Italy have multiple track platforms. The only way to change platforms is to go down about 30 stairs and go back up 30 stairs. Very few stations have ramps or elevators. We saw people with large heavy bags and multiple roller bags really struggling with these stairs. Additionally, the trains in Italy have steep narrow steps up and down (about 3 stairs). Inside the train, they all have overhead rack storage but large bags will not really fit up there. They don't fit well by your feet in 2nd class either. On the nicer express trains (Eurostar, EuroCit, InterCity), there is space between the back-to-back seats to store up to medium sized bags. 1st class also has a bit more room for luggage.

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another great reason to pack light! I am shooting for the smallest, lightest packing yet on my next trip in October to Italy! crowded trains are the worst for luggage storage!

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Thanks to all. There seems to be a consensus on this issue.

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I think that you should be fully packed (ya right) two days before your trip - and then take your suitcase on a little "test run." If you have trouble lifting and maneuvering all of it then you have to adjust accordingly. However, let's not be overly worried about this because how much train travel will you be doing? If, like Jerry mentions, you are going to 4 different stops - then it's an issue. If you are just doing 1 or 2 transfers...I can suffer with larger luggage. Any way you look at it - I'd say start lifting weights or pack lighter!