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Does anyone have any suggestions for day tours in Rome?? I have seen many offered online for all different prices.. I was told you should have a guided tour for the Vatican.. but what about other places? I saw one that is the Angels and Demons Tour. it looked interesting.. I also saw that there is an all day tour from my Vatican tours. I dunno which is worth the money Also wanted to know should I book one now or wait to get there?/ Michelle Valrico Fl

Posted by Michael
Seattle, WA, USA
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If you decide to do the Angels and Demons tour, be advised that it's based on the Dan Brown book that is riddled with factual errors about Rome, its history and its architecture. As for tours, Context Tours consistently gets high praise on this forum.

Posted by SamSn
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Through Eternity offers small group walking tours. Great guides and the prices are fair. Book before you arrive or risk the tours filling up.

Posted by Michelle
Valrico, FL, USA
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I th8ink the Angels and Demons tour might be overpriced to.. I looked in9ot it last night

Posted by Lesley
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I did a walking food tour of the Testaccio area of Rome, excellent value, learned a lot about the history of an interesting part of Rome that is off the beaten track but goes back to Roman times, and had a lot of really great food to boot! Our guide was excellent. Check They also do a similar tour of the Trastevere area which is on the list for my next visit to Rome. I hate being talked around a museum or art gallery - I like to wander and browse, which is hard in the Vatican Museum as it is will be crowded and noisy. Rick Steves' Rome has a good guide to the Museum and Sistine Chapel and will tell you how to beat the queues. St. Peter's itself is open any time and you do not need a guide - again, Rick will tell you all you want to know. The Sistine Chapel was a big bust for me - too many people jammed into too small a space - instead find out about evening tours (again RS will help you there). Couple of years ago went out to Hadrian's Villa at Tivoli - a refreshing break from Rome as part of a Rick Steves tour. Well worth the trip - you can do it yourself (check Ron in Rome for how to get there) or take a bus tour.