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Tours in Florence

I have checked out the website for Artiva Tours and like it very much. I want to take their "Original Florence in One Day" tour so we have access to the Uffizi Gallery etc., and my husband thinks we should take just their "Original Walking Tour" and call our hotel to get our own tickets. I really think we're going to have a more difficult time going into places if we're not with a tour. Does anyone have any thoughts or expierences? We will arrive in Florence on the 21st. Thanks.

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It's really personal preference. I don't believe you will have trouble getting into places if you are not on a tour. I went to the Uffizi by myself but did get my hotel to book my ticket ahead of time. That way I entered straight away without queueing. For me that is a must as there always seems to be a queue at the Uffizi. Other museums and galleries I just bought my ticktet at the entrance. No problems. I personally like to do things at my own time and generally hire an audio guide if they have one. Really it's up to you.

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Thanks Helen,
I decided to book only the walking tour and take our chances with the museums. Hopefully we shouldn't have too many problems. We leave this Tues. I'll let you know when I get back!!