Tour groups from Rome to other cities

Hello, I will be staying in Rome for the last week of March 2013 and am interested in traveling to Naples/Pompeii and Florence/Pisa. Are there tour buses that travel from Rome to these cities? And which is recommended?

Posted by donna
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There are but it's very easy to get to these places on your own and pick up a guide once you get there. Bus tours tend to be expensive and not really give you a lot of time at the places you wish to visit. In Pompeii you can get a guide right at the gate. Talk to several before picking one. Most are really good and inexpensive. You can easily take the train from Rome to Naples then change to the commuter train to get out to the ruins. It's a very easy trip to make and it won't cost you much if you purchase your train tickets in advance. By doing it on your own you can spend as much time in the ruins as you wish and come back when your tired. Same thing for Florence or Pisa. I wouldn't combine a trip to both as you'll miss so much in Florence but it is very easy to take the train straight from Rome to Florence. If you have a good map and a guide book you really won't need a guide at all. If you wish to tour any of the museums you might want to prepurchase entry tickets to avoid the lines. Other than that it's all very easy. Donna

Posted by Sherry
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These aren't bus tours, but Context Travel is very good. They do small group walking tours. You might want to search on the web for Context Travel... Context Rome, Context Naples, Context Florence, etc. The groups are led by well qualified academics, and there are generally no more than six participants. I have used them many times and always had great experiences.