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Toronto to Catania, with transit in Istanbul

I am a Canadian fully Vaccinated. I am flying Turkish Airlines from Toronto to Catania, with a transit in Istanbul. My question is, if I have a stopover for 1 hr 40 min in Istanbul, will I be required to Quarantine in Sicily due to the stopover? Have called Turkish Airlines, & Italian Consulate with no definite answers. Can someone please help me answer this question?

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I don't know if this will be helpful, but it's worth a try. Looks like Turkey is on List E, which doesn't look great for your situation:

When are you going? This is in place until October 25, 2021, although, of course, it could be extended beyond that.

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Thank you for your reply. We are leaving Oct 8.

As I mentioned I have been getting different answers to this question? Since I am only TRANSITING through Istanbul, Turkish Airlines told me it was NOT an issue. However I did read the reference you sited & It sounds like I do. Thank you again for taking the time to comment on my post.

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I hope you can get some clear answers.

We are supposed to be going to Italy in November. Because they were requiring people who were even just transiting through the UK, even if fully vaccinated, to quarantine for 5 days, we switched our flight to a couple of days earlier, changing planes in Amsterdam instead of London, and we plan to spend those extra days in Amsterdam, since we've never been.

Of course, things could still change. Now people from the US aren't permitted into the Netherlands without quarantining, and who knows if that could be extended to Canada.

It's very challenging trying to plan anything right now, for sure. Good luck. I hope you can figure it out or change your flight.