to travel to CT or not

We are currently planning on going to CT in September of this year. After reading reviews of others on this site, I see there are still some issues with trail closures and heavy crowds. We will be there on a weekend. We were planning on staying in Vernazza. Any thoughts? Thanks again for all or your ideas.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Jules, Crowds can still be an issue in the Cinque Terre in September, especially on those days when cruise ships are in nearby ports (Livorno). This can be an issue mostly when using the local trains during the daytime. Once the daytrippers have departed in the late afternoon, it's much better and evenings are usually quite pleasant. Depending on the time of day and weather conditions, one way of avoiding the crowds on the trains is to use the local boats. Regarding the trail closures, it's important to remember that there is an extensive network of trails in that area so even if some trails are closed, those that want to hike will still have lots of opportunities to do so. The most popular No. 2 (Sentiero Azzurro) trails are currently closed, but two segments are expected to re-open in the next week or so. There's no way to predict what their status will be in September, so you'll have to check prior to your trip. I can't offer any comments on staying in Vernazza, as I've never stayed there. I'm sure the others will be able to offer some good comments. My preference for the last few years has been Monterosso, so I'm more familiar with that. Happy travels!