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Tips/gifts for self-catering owners

We are staying in a flat in Varenna for a week. It is not a bed and breakfast. In the US when we have stayed in B&Bs, a tip in addition to room rate seemed expected, and in a few B&Bs in England as well.

But what about self-catered places in Italy? The owners are picking us up from the train station. Should I consider this service part of the rate or is this something extra? Should I bring a small gift? Should I do nothing? What have others done?

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If the transportation is not part of the package and you are still not charged an additional fee, a tip is in order. No gift, IMO.

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We always give gifts if dealing with the owner directly (and not a random property management company). It's lead to some good relationships, and we usually just bring a tin of some US gourmet (oxymoron?) candies.

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I would never tip a b nd b OWNER,, but I would consider tipping staff( if they have any, some do, some don't) who cleans room.

I would also never tip a property manager ,, but would consider tipping for ride to and from airport if that is not normally included in rate.

Have you tipped a b and b owner in States?? Doesn't that seem a bit redundant?