Tipping in Italy (and Paris)

i KNOW there are old threads about this, but they all say something different. Here is my scenario: We are a family of 4 doing a few tours/ classes. 1. We have a Rome kids tour for 4 hours one day (costing $400 for private guide.) i dont know if the owner or someone else will do this tour. 2. We also have Fabio's cooking class another day from 10am-3pm, costing our family 330 euros. I believe Fabio is the owner of the company. 3. We have another rome kids tour that has a driver for 3 hours and a private guide for 4 hours, costing us $400 for the guide and $125 for the driver. 4. we have a Paris kids cooking class for 2 hours costing $200. 5. we have a paris muse tour of the louvre costing $400 for 2 hours.. To me it seems like these prices are very EXPENSIVE, but we are set on doing these once-in-a-lifetime experiences with our girls. How should we tip on each of these?
ANY help is appreciated!

Posted by Zoe
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randel, I can't advise you on tipping (I am sure lots of posts will follow) but I can tell you that for the number of people and the time allotted, you are paying just about what my family of four paid last year. And you get to eat what you cook. It sounds expensive to me, but you are giving your family experiences that you will remember.

Posted by Michael
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I have to tell you that you're going to get a lot of different responses here as well. The main thing that I think everyone would agree to is that tipping is different in Italy than in the US. It's not as expected and the amounts are not as high. Happy travels.

Posted by David
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Considering how much you are paying, I don't think that a tip is needed.

Posted by donna
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Your tours are extremely expensive and can be done for a lot less if you check with some other sites. I'm sorry but 400 for a 2 hour tour is crazy. I know you want it to be special but this is crazy and not special.... You're being taken advantage of. You should check some of the other forums for suggestions on tour options. As for tipping, you don't need to tip in Italy. It's not required and with the cost of these tours I wouldn't add anything to their outrageous prices. Donna

Posted by Laura
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I have taken a number of cooking classes (always small group classes, not private) in Europe. I've never tipped for the class nor have I seen any other student tip.