Tipping Drivers and Tour Directors of large tour companies

Is there an expected method for calculating tips for a driver and tour director of a large tour company? We are planning a 10 day excursion to see the sights in Italy.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Craig, The larger tour companies sometimes provide information on their website with the "expected" gratuity for Drivers and Tour Directors. If not the Tour Directors will most certainly make sure all tour members are aware of the amounts. If you're arranging the tour with a Travel Agent, they'll be able to tell you what gratuities are expected. This is one of the main reasons why I prefer to use RS tours. All tips for the lead Guide, Drivers and local Guides are included in the cost of the tour. I prefer not to have to put up with any "heart wrenching" stories about how poorly the Guide is paid, and how her family is going to go hungry that week if I don't offer a "generous" gratuity. I've been subjected to that a couple of times, and I won't put up with it! Happy travels!