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Tip on Italian Train Website

Forgive me if everybody knows this. If you go to their website, trenitalia, of course there is an English version of the basic scheduling page. After using this you will get one or more train numbers, depending on how many different combinations of trains you be taking. Make a note of train numbers. Then at top of web page is 'ViaggiaTreno'. Click on that and on the resulting page click at bottom where it says 'go to ViaggiTreno' and 'only in Italian'. On resulting page click the blue ENTRA box. On resulting page enter the train number in box 'numerotreno' and hit 'Cerca.' You will see the stations or stops associated with that train's route. Sometimes the town is listed but the stop is not at all in the town. It is a stop for a nearby town. This may help you decide if that route will work for you. More later...

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Great info. I just logged on to see if anyone had asked/answered anything about train/bus schedules.