Tip about replies to private messages

Just wanted to share, as I noticed others have experienced the same thing: Through much trial and error, I discovered that I no longer receive the message that my reply "cannot be sent because my message is too long" -- by deleting the message on the screen that I am replying to. That gives plenty of space to type. The original message will not be lost in the folder. Happy travels! Ruth

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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That's good advice. And if your post on the helpline gets bounced cut the bottom until there are at least 200 characters left and it should post. Always watch the character counter below the writing box. Then you can paste the last cut stuff into a later post.

Posted by Barbara
Old Bridge
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I received a private message but can't figure out how to retrieve it

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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Sign in and you'll see a link on the home page "my profile". Click on that.