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Time to do Borghese Gallery and Vatican tour in one day?

We plan on being in Rome for 3 days in July. Would like to see the Borghese Gallery in the morning and take a tour of the Vatican through Angeltours in the afternoon. Will that allow enough time for travel between locations? Recommendations for getting from one to the other?

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If you plan your sights and have reservations in hand you can pretty much see everything in that time period. Yes, I think you can do both in the same day. As long as you have a reservation for the Borghese early in the morning. You can take the metro from the garden area, Spagna or Barberini and take it to Ottaviano and walk to the Vatican.

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Certainly do-able, but you'll be tired. I did part of this last summer - went to Borghese at earliest opening time, then walked through the park to Flaminio metro stop to head to St. Peters Square (I did the museum another day though). Make Borghese reservations as soon as the website will let you ( Right now you can only reserve through the end of June. You only get a two hour visit in the museum (to keep crowds down). Earliest time slot is 9 a.m. - latest is 7 p.m. Keep in mind that the metro stop is not really anywhere near the gallery itself - from the Metro stop Spagna or Barberini, you've got a hike. Consider a taxi if that's not your thing.

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As mentioned above you can do it but I wouldn't recommend it. It's too much artwork to see in one day. I don't think you'll appreciate what you are looking at.

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A few weeks ago I went in to the Vatican Museum at 8:15AM with Museum-Rome. My reservation for the Borghese was at 5PM that day. After tromping around the Vatican for hours I went back to my apartment, fell asleep, and slept right through my Borghese time slot, LOL.

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Thanks to all. I think that we will do the Vatican and Borghese on separate days.