Time Scheduling in Rome

We will be staying near Termini Station. How do we get to the Pantheon & Piazza Navona from there - best way, best combination of transport, etc. - specific routes would be very helpful. We're trying to find this out before leaving home to save time & not get lost. Also, some info says the Pantheon is open all hours, some say it closes at 7 p.m. Thanks for any advice!

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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Since we always stay in the Termini area, we just walk. We use the maps from the front desk of the hotel. From the Opera House area next to Termini it is a ten minute, maybe 15 walk to Pantheon. No way to really lay out a specific route. The probability of NOT getting lost in Rome is extremely low. Half the fun of being in Rome is wondering around and looking at things while being a little lost.

Posted by Max
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Thanks! Appreciate this info from you & then the hotels will probably be very helpful once we get there. Max

Posted by Robert
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Go the the bus stop area directly in front of the Termini and find either a #40 or a #64 bus waiting to depart. If the bus about to depart is already real full get on the one behind it and snag a seat and wait for several minutes for it to move up to the #1 departure position. Or ride the full bus for another Italian "cultural eperience". Get off at Largo Argentina. I never timed how long this takes but it is maybe 10 minutes (or less). Look for the Brown Signs with the arrows pointing the way to various sights. My Rick Steves guidebook says the Pantheon is open until 19:30 Mon-Sat. Sunday til 18:00. Be sure to get a good guidebook (RS Rome or RS Italy)to help you get answers for the many other questions you may have.
Plus get a good Rome Map. There is one in the back of both of those guidebooks. These books will also have information about how to use public transportation in Rome plus the various bus tickets and passes you may want to purchase.

Posted by Frank
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Unless going a long distance, like from Termini area to the Vatican, we find the buses to be slower than walking. Most of the sites you want to see are all short walking distances. Remember that is they were doing 2000 years ago. Personally I also carry a good compass but so few people know how to use a compass these days that I seldom mention it.

Posted by Zoe
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The Largo Argentina stop is major, lots of people getting on and off the bus. A huge Feltrinelli bookstore is on the right of the bus stop; pop in to buy a good map of Rome if you need one. If you miss the stop just get off at the next one.

Posted by Denise
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The Pantheon is not open all hours. I went when it first opened. For the first few minutes there were half a dozen people. Then they left and I had it all to myself. This was in October.