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Apologies if I've missed this topic elsewhere, but can anyone give me feedback on Tickitaly.com? It appears to be a reputable site but I would love to hear others' experiences with it before I consider using it.

Thank you!

Posted by Kelly
Overland Park, KS, United States
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When I did my research on my initial trip to Italy, I found that they generally added 10+ Euro to tickets that are readily available elsewhere (e.g., the Accademia and Uffizi in Florence, the Borghese in Rome). With a little patience, you can secure these reservations on your own without markup.

Posted by Jeff
Dallas, Texas
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DO NOT USE TICKITALY!! We just returned this week from Italy and used them for Colleseum tickets - what a joke! They sold us a ticket for a specific date at 6:45 PM to the Colleseum - we showed up 15 minutes prior (as advised) to find out the gates closed at 6:15 PM!!!

We emailed them for a refund and they have been extremely rude and told us we need to read instructions, NO REFUNDS. THEY DONT EVEN KNOW WHEN SITES CLOSE AND THEY WANT US TO READ INSTRUCTIONS!!!

Posted by Randy
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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I have posted favorable comments on tickitaly. I found some standard phone numbers and websites useless and so went with them. I had no problem and all worked perfectly. It was I who chose times, no tickitaly. Perhaps tickitaly will sell whatever time you ask for???

Posted by Patrick
New York
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On my recent trip I ended up using Tickitaly for four sites (Doge's Palace in Venice, the Accademia & the Uffizi in Florence and the Colosseum in Rome) and didn't have a single problem. Because of the previous poster's experience, I would suggest checking each site's hours and final entrance times before purchasing tickets. Since Tickitaly worked so well for me (especially at the Accademia - the general admission line was frighteningly long), it seemed to me they had their act together. Maybe not?

Posted by Debra
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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my problem with tickitaly is that they charge unsuspecting tourists for these reservations to these museums when if you just reserve with the museums themselves you save a lot of money. It's the principle of these places overcharging for the exact same service that really irks me. I think we become so comfortable with the internet that the thought of calling up Italy is scary or uncomfortable to us, we just find it easier to type the stuff into a website and get what we want. But it's so much cheaper and easier to call these museums directly, with a phone card from target or walmart it's a few cents a minute, the phones have english options, you save a decent amount of money, and most importantly to me, you're cutting out the gouging middleman.

Posted by Randy
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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I went digging in my records and find I used ticki for only one event. It was the Last Supper church in Milan. This venue has its own website for ordering tickets but it is notorious for not working and having no availability. Tickitaly allowed me to get tickets. You will find earlier posts re this subject in traveler's helpline-to the boot

Posted by Cristiano
Empoli, Italy
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I'm the owner and operator of TICKITALY.COM and would like to let you know that we are normally simpathetic with our customer's requests for refunds if these are reasonable. I also double checked the opening hours of Colosseum for July and it clearly states what our original opening hours are: from the 31st March to the end of August open until 19.30.

Best Regards

Cristiano Castellani

Posted by Ania
Dublin, Ireland
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I booked tickets for Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper” in Milan. Using Tickitaly website was really easy and the booking process went smoothly. Despite the fact I did not to queuing in the museum I was really disappointed. I had to paid for three ticket thru tickitily €57 whereas on the place you can buy ticket for €6.50. I found this price ridiculously high (it’s nearly 300 % higher than normal price). Moreover I was told there will be English speaking guide and there was not! I was told on the place that they always have Italian guide and sometimes they can translate in English but they do it in their goodwill. I was told I can buy audio guide for € 2.5 each but it would increase my cost up to €64! for the 15 min pleasure of watching the masterpiece. Eventually the guide spoke English as there were no Italian people on the tour.

Posted by maggie
St Louis
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I looked at the ticket Italy website and basically you're paying an extra six euros a ticket when you can simply call the reservation number in Rick Steves book and take care of it yourself--- or in our case email our hotel and have them do it for us. My hotel emailed back the next day with the confirmation numbers for the David and Ufizzi at the exact times we needed. It would have been an extra 48 euro or about $65.00 US) to go through Ticket Italy. As an added advantage, with the phone reservations you simply pay when you get there. If you can't make the museum for some reason you aren't out anything.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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... and if they can find 4 year old threads, why do people find it impossible to find threads on shoe colour, how to buy train tickets, Oyster Cards, the Malpensa Express and if its ok to wear shorts?

Posted by Jim
Shelburne, VT, USA
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I just got ripped majorly by tickitaly.com. I ordered tickets w/ adequate time for delivery, but they didn't arrive and when I showed-up at the Colliseum, they hadn't heard about tickitaly.com and didn't recognize the 'confirmation number'. I had to buy the tickes again and when I called tickitaly to complain and ask for my money back, they refuse and hung up on me!
DO NOT deal w/ tickitaly!!!

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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This is "Jim from Shelburne, VT USA"'s first post to a thread last used nearly two years ago.

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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Nice to know that nothing has changed in four years. How do people find four year old postings to post to?

Posted by Charlie
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Now why would anyone want to do a little research on their own before posing the question on this board to get an answer from one of us?

Posted by Ed
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The same people who want podcasts instead of reading up ahead of time?

Posted by Candace
Doha, Qatar
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Beware! Do not use TickItaly
I booked tickets for a 9:00 entry and leaving the hotel at 8:00 still did not have the vouchers. I figured I must have misunderstood the need for a second email, because we had to leave in order to arrive on time. I got to the venue and had to buy tickers again. I later checked my email again to find tickets sent at 12:15 for the 9:00 booking (yes, that is 3 hrs after after the tickets were good for). I contacted them for a refund and they refuse despite the travel agents and ticket agents that had tried to help us at the site. They say they sent it at 8:15, but what reputable company sends you your tickets 45 minutes before entry!?

Posted by rochelle
allentown, pa, usa
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To Charlie, Ed, Nigel and Frank, I only wanted to find some information about Tickitaly. I'm not good with this stuff and I only started posting questions a few weeks ago. I found this thread because, as I'm sure you know when you are looking for something, everything that was ever put on the internet since the year of the flood pops up. I didn't notice the dates of the post and was going to ask a question when I saw your remarks. So now I won't and I feel foolish at the idea that I almost did. What might someone have said about me and my inability to find something on my own. I've been on my computer for DAYS looking up info on these guys. I just don't understand why people have to be mean and embarrass others.